by Jeff Libengood

This article isn’t about the typical resolution. If you’re not already going to the gym, any ex­citement I generate in you here will be temporal at best. Instead, I’ve chosen to give you holistic infor­mation and tips and to complete your own motivation.

“Holistic” means taking natural approaches to op­timum health. And my clients’ results have convinced me that my theories and ideas on supplements, nutri­tion and training are right on the money.

Instead of starting with training, let’s discuss some­thing you do more often—eating! Just as computer technology has taken major leaps, so has the nutri­tional industry. Supplements and meal replacement powders (MRPs) are no longer for the pro athlete. They should be part of your everyday regimen. There are supplements that enhance fat burning, speed up metabolism, prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, enhance energy and provide you a complete meal full of nutrients. I’m not saying don’t eat food, just encour­aging you to incorporate supplements and MRPs into your diet to maximize your health, energy, weight and performance.

Exercise—what can I say? This is the bread and butter (OOPS! Bad selection of words!) to it all: strong muscles, bones, heart, increased performance, flexibil­ity, elasticity, etc. Since a muscle will start to atrophy after about 72 hours, you need to pump the iron at least twice a week. I also recommend including a mini­mum of three 30-minute aerobic sessions per week. You should do them before breakfast as you will burn approximately 300% more fat as opposed to doing the same aerobic work later in the day or night. If you’re looking for a good place to work out, I recommend The Riviera Club. It’s the nicest private club in Tokyo and is offering memberships for only ¥120,000 and ¥200,000 per year. It’s located in Minami Aoyama and opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at 10:30 p.m. and it has everything! Their number is 3746-3330.

Next is massage. Massage helps increase circula­tion, relax tensed muscles and just feels darned good. It’s a great relaxing way to end a tense, stress-filled day. For top-notch sports massages, call Major Train­ers at 3746-3330. The masseurs are certified and highly experienced.

Chiropractic therapy is a very important holistic form of healing and health. You have more than 600 muscles moving 206 bones. Naturally, things get out of alignment (especially spines, necks and lower backs).

When this happens, it disrupts circulation and proper system functioning. Chiropractic therapy simply realigns the body to its natural alignment. For one of the best, call Dr. Mitsuaki Shiokawa at 3444-7454. He has three locations, he’s licensed in the U.S. and works on many celebrities (American and Japanese).

Acupuncture is the next holistic approach that has worked miracles with people. The body has points called tsubos. These tsubos, when blocked, do not al­low qi (energy) to flow uninterrupted throughout the body, thus precipitating illnesses and other health problems. The best in the business is Dr. Greg Sappers. He’s in Nogizaka at 3403-3272.

Here are some other items you might find useful in the new year: Aromatherapy. For a real pro, call Joan Matthews at 3418-3105 or visit Jurlique in Minami Aoyama. Martial arts: For one of the world’s best sensei, call Master Shimizu at his Aoyama dojo, 5410-5959. Last is Rolfing. Rolfing is used to increase a person’s range of motion, increase lightness and freedom in the body, increase energy and reduce pain. For a very good Advanced Certified Rolfer, call Christine Faris at 3353-1589.

There you have it; everything you need to maxi­mize your health and reduce your stress. The only ingredient you need now is your own motivation. So, get on with it. Have a great 1998!