by Jeff Libengood

We hang out stockings in prepara­tion of the arrival of St. Nick, then it’s off to Big Party time—New Year’s Eve and the first day of the new year. But Jan. 2 and beyond is what I want to discuss today.

As we wend our way through life, we look back at what was, and forward to what will be. But some­times we spend too much time dwelling on the past. Hindsight is 20/20 vision and you can’t change the past—so, use it to learn. Concentrate on what lies ahead. You control your future.

With the New Year approaching, we all plan our annual resolutions. The good part is that they’re usu­ally health-related. The bad part is they only last a week or two. The key is to develop a plan to stick with your resolutions so it becomes a healthy lifestyle habit. Oh, yeah; the willpower is there in the beginning, but it always seems to fade. Somehow the best-laid plans… So, I want to urge you to embark upon—or return to— a fitness lifestyle.

Whatever brings you health and happiness is some­thing that should be continued for life. Ex­ercising your muscles—and your mind— is one such positive activity.

Your fitness plan should include car­diovascular work and weight training. For those who’ve tried many times but soon lost willpower—and for those who want something new and better than you’re currently un­dertaking—the answer lies in two words: Personal Training.

Personal Training is the most effective way you will ever train—guaranteed! Forget the computer print­outs, throw away the high-tech charts: we’re talking the “human soft touch” component, the element that every other system doesn’t have. Your rou­tine, sets, reps, push, pull, motivation, inspiration— everything, is created by your trainer. You have only one responsibility: to show up. The trainer takes it from there.

Personal Training just may be your answer to get­ting over the hump in 1994. It’ll keep you committed to your goal and give you results. Come on! Take the first step to getting off on the right foot. Call the Body by Jeff clinic for your Personal Training and nutritional needs. It’ll change your life!

Have a prosperous and happy New Year. Together in purpose. Call Jeff Libengood, 3746-3330.