Be a kid for a day, and drench yourself in colored powder.

Traditionally, Holi is a religious spring festival of colours celebrated by Hindus, and it lasts about two days. Not only does it celebrate the arrival of the new season and fertile lands, but it also commemorates Hindu religious events: participants tend to celebrate wildly, holding bonfires and throwing coloured powder at each other – you’ve probably seen photos floating around the web in the past week or so…

Over the years, Holi Festivals have been popping up in different cities around the world, and never one to be left out, Japan now has its own version, in Yokohama, organized by a student group named Switch. Taking place over two days, you can expect the usual colour throwing rituals, but also sales of Indian goods and foods, and various workshops and seminars. The aim of this event is to connected the economy, culture and food by “a bridge of colours”.

Make sure you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty…

Yokohama Holi Festival (click for more info)

When: April 12-14

Where: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

How much: Free

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