With the highball boom, the popularity of the whisky in Japan doesn’t appear to be abating anytime soon, but no longer does the distilled spirit have to come from Scotland or Ireland. Japanese whiskies have seen members of their ranks, from distilleries such as Yoichi and Yamazaki, reach the award level in international competitions. At Whisky Live in Midtown, you can gauge the local bottles against the originals in taste tests and learn more about the spirit in general at master classes from distillers offered Feb. 18-20. The industry event, held around the world, is open to the public and probably represents the best opportunity in Tokyo to bone up on your arcane knowledge of one of man’s first intoxicants. Lesson one: Whisky means “Breath of Life” in the ancient Gaelic.

Feb. 18-20
Tickets: ¥5,000 for 1 day, ¥9,000 for 2 (advance purchase; add ¥1,000 at the door); ¥3,000 per master class    Venue: Tokyo Midtown B1F East Hall A & B
Nearest station: Roppongi Station (Hibiya & Oedo lines)