Ishikawa Prefecture

You can donate directly to the prefecture where the earthquake hit. The Ishikawa prefecture website has instructions on how to make a bank transfer to organizations aiding victims of the disaster. The Ishikawa Prefecture 2024 Noto Peninsula Disaster Relief Fund is currently accepting donations directly, and there’s information on how to wire money directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society Ishikawa Prefecture Branch and the Ishikawa Prefecture Community Chest Association as well.

The Japan Red Cross Society

Founded in 1877, the Japanese Red Cross Society has been providing humanitarian aid in times of disaster for nearly a century and a half, from the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 to the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Their current activities with regard to the Ishikawa earthquake are being updated on the site, in both English and Japanese. Direct donation information is currently only available in Japanese. You can donate until December 27 of this year.

Red Feather (Central Community Chest of Japan, CCCJ)

CCCJ is one of Japan’s largest non-profit organizations. With a network of volunteers across the country, the CCCJ works directly with local communities to support those in disaster-hit areas. Its English donation page includes a message box where you can specify that you want to donate towards the Noto earthquake relief effort.

Where to Volunteer

According to the Ishikawa prefecture website, anyone who is in the Kaga area can head to the Kaga City Hall directly to help out. Otherwise, as infrastructure is damaged, it is currently advised not to travel.

Needed Items (Until January 8)

This is a personal collection arranged by two business owners based between Toyama and Tokyo. They are running a “Lifeline Service” from Tokyo to the affected areas. There are collection points at a handful of stores in the Kanto area, which will pass on any items to the pair by the stated date. The situation is likely to change, so please contact each shop directly before going.

Items needed:

Portable Gas Burners, Emergency Toilet Kits, Adult Diapers

Drop-off Deadline

January 7: Um Cafe, Roppongi
January 8: Patagonia Kamakura, Paddler, Patagonia Futakotamagawa

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What to Do in Case of an Earthquake

In an earthquake-prone country such as Japan, it’s important to be prepared in the event of an earthquake. Check our earthquake preparation guide for more details.