Not a blogger, model, editor or buyer? No problem: you can get in to any of these events during the much-hyped Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week, and brush elbows with the insiders.

Shibuya Fashion Week

When: until March 23

Where: Around Shibuya

For the duration of the event, a total of 11 shops around Shibuya (including the gyaru mecca 109, as well as Parco and Hikarie) will team up to offer special promotions, and at Hachiko a special stage will be set up in front of the canine statue. No need to sign up, just show up at the various locations to see what they’re cooking from March 10–23.

Tokyo New Designers Grand Prix Exhibition

When: until March 21-24

Where: Shibuya Hikarie

As the name states, new designers will showcase their creations, each selected by the Fashion Business and Education Council of Japan. A total of four designers will be presenting their fall/winter collections to the public.


When: until March 21

Where: Minami-Aoyama Collezione Building

RoomsLink is a fashion event that showcases Asia’s latest trends to the world. The event is a combination of runway and trade shows—definitely the place to hit if you want to know what people will be wearing a few months from now…

Hub Tokyo: Honeycomb 

When: until March 21

Where: Minami-Aoyama Collezione Building

Catch a glimpse of the layered hexagon adorning the latest collections: this event is themed around the honeycomb pattern, popping all over up-and-coming designer brands.

Sweets Runway 

When: until March 24

Where: Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs/Mercedes Benz Connection

Even though desserts and fashion don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, no fashionista will be able to resist the fashion-inspired sweets offered at those two cafes, for a limited time only.

MBFWT Designers’ Cocktail Runway

When: until March 26

Where: Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs

We all know sweets are best washed down with cocktails, and well, fashion is best enjoyed with a stylish drink in hand. Let some skilled mixologists whip up some colorful concoctions all specifically created for Fashion Week.

Zakka Runway

When: until March 26

Where: Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs

Zakka is a word we cannot get enough of; it means everything and anything that can make your lifestyle at home or personal style better, and most often they are kitsch items. This runway show presents quirky accessories, all following the theme of cherry blossoms, so expect lots of pink hues.

In addition to those events, you can also stop by some of the numerous pop-up stores that set up shop only for Fashion Week. That includes Missoni, Jun Okamoto and Mila Owen. Check out the official website for more details, and good luck with strutting around in heels…

Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week