The ever-changing area along the former Odakyu line tracks has changed yet again with the addition of an innovative hotel as well as some new restaurants in Shimokita’s latest shopping complex, Shimokitazawa Reload. October brings us ridiculously meaty meat sandwiches, spaghetti hotdogs and a hotel that offers a record player in each room. Take advantage of the cooler autumn weather and stop by Shimokita to enjoy what’s new this month.

Food & Drink

1978 spaghetti shibuya style

Spaghetti Born in Shibuya in 1978 – Now In Shimokitazawa

This is a new spaghetti specialty shop that is a kind of spin-off restaurant from the casual Italian restaurant chain Capricciosa. Yes, their full official name is “Spaghetti born in Shibuya in 1978.” The idea here is that they serve a version of spaghetti with tomato and garlic sauce that was said to be created at Capricciosa’s original location in Shibuya in 1978. They call this “shibusupa” which is short for Shibuya Spaghetti.

The menu is quite simple. They only sell their “shibusupa” and 4 additional toppings including squid ink sauce and vegetable curry. If you want a side, you can get a spaghetti hotdog or french fries smothered in their signature spaghetti sauce. The restaurant seems to take inspiration from the simple and efficient methods ramen restaurants have been using for decades and then applying them to Japanized Italian cuisine. They focus on just a few items but do them perfectly.

Where: 2-14-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

Stabler Shimokitazawa Meatsand 2nd – The Meatiest Sandwiches in Shimokita

Stabler Meatsand is opening its second Shimokitazawa location in the Reload shopping complex. Stabler’s specialty is giant meat sandwiches that look both intimidating and delicious. If you aren’t ready to face the giant meat sandwiches, you can try an egg sandwich or a veggie sandwich. The restaurant has seating inside and readily available take-out options as well.

Where: 3-19-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

Curry Bread Kasagawa – A New Take on One of Japan’s Favorite Snacks

While curry bread is a staple food at convenience stores and bakeries, it’s very rare to find interesting varieties of it. Curry Bread Kasagawa offers just that. Rather than the standard curry inside fried bread, they offer flavors like mackerel and red pepper, milk and lemon, mozzarella herb and shrimp mustard. They also use high quality ingredients such as Japanese Matsuzaka beef while still staying affordable. If you are hungry and want something quick and good on the go, you’ve found it.

Where: 2-12-15 Kitazawa



Tollywood Time Travel Film Special Event

Tollywood is putting on a special event where they will be screening nine films related to time travel from until November 12. Not only will they be screening the entire Back to the Future trilogy, but they will also be screening the 2020 film Palm Springs with Andy Samberg. Japanese films will include Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, a one-take sci-fi comedy shot entirely on an iPhone and the beautifully animated 2017 film, The Night is Short, Walk on Girl. If you have never been to Tollywood before, take this opportunity to check out Shimokita’s iconic cinema.

Where: 5−32−5 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku


mustard hotel

mustard hotel shimokitazawa

Mustard Hotel – A Trendy Hotel for a True Shimokita Experience

After having success in Shibuya, Mustard Hotel is opening its second Tokyo location in Shimokitazawa. This hotel attempts to embrace the spirit of Shimokita with each room having a record player so you can accompany your stay with the warm sound of vinyl. They have a trendy café, a new location of Sidewalk Stand coffee and a modern shochu bar. Rather than just being a place for visitors, this hotel seems to want to offer something to locals as well. You can go have coffee or have a drink there without staying.

Where: 3-9-19 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

mustard hotel shimokitazawa

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