It seems that Ryutaro Nonomura’s infamous sobbing, wailing and table-top pummeling were all to no avail.

You probably already know of the assemblyman from Hyogo Prefecture who became an internet sensation this past summer thanks to a viral video tearful tantrum that was brought on when reporters questioned him about his apparent misuse of public funds.

Instead of eliciting pity, Nonomura was mocked by countless netizens for months on end, many of whom created hilarious music remixes of the video or memes out of a screenshot. Our personal fave was this one:

Now, it seems that the authorities are even less sympathetic. A recent AFP article reported that Japanese police are apparently preparing to charge Nonomura with fraud. The assemblyman allegedly made thousands of dollars worth of bogus expense claims on business trips, and it is also rumored that he could not provide any receipts or evidence that these claims were legitimate.

There seems to be plenty of public backing for such charges to be brought against the weepy lawmaker. But even if prosecutors fail to convict Nonomura, his alleged misdeeds have already set a new legal precedent. According to The Japan Times, the Hyogo Prefecture assembly has already slashed its politicians’ allowances by 10 percent. And in the meantime, while Nonomura’s detractors await more serious consequences to befall the bawling politician, they can at least enjoy the online parodies that continue to ridicule him.

On that note, we’ll leave you with a few more Nonomura memes

—Kyle Mullin

Main Image: YouTube screengrab