School authorities in Vietnam suspended an eighth-grade student for a year after she posted a parody of revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh’s famous speech on Facebook, local media said on Tuesday.

State-controlled media said the schoolgirl had “distorted history and seriously insulted teachers” when she used language from a famous 1946 speech by Ho Chi Minh calling for resistance against French colonialists in her post.

“All students! As we desire peace, we have made concessions. But the more concessions we make, the more the teachers press on, for they are bent on failing us once again,” the post read.

“All students… have to find ways to get good marks in the exam… those who have neither health or head have to copy or use cheat sheets”.

The teenage girl insisted that the post was “just for fun”.

“Forcing her to stay at home is also a way of educating her,” head teacher Nguyen Tan Si was quoted as saying to local media.

Social media is tightly regulated in the Communist country where Ho has a cult following for leading the country to independence from the French.