UN envoy Surya Subedi has visited Cambodia to raise concerns over land controversies. Recent incidents regarding the use of firearms on human rights activists motivated Subedi to call for a stop on the fatal shootings. Protesters against the acquisition of land by private companies were open-fired upon or shot dead. Just last month, Chuty Wutty, a prominent forestry activist, was shot dead by the military police. Subedi told BBC he is greatly concerned with Cambodia’s willingness to use violence against protesters saying, “I’m very much concerned by the trend – and that should be halted”. He visited evicted families in Phnom Penh, some now living underneath stairwells, and said he would discuss their inadequate living conditions with the government. Subedi also raised the issue of laws that deny campaigners the right of expression. The government announced that it would suspend the granting of economic land concessions while it further assesses the policy.