The US embassy in New Delhi has announced a new visa processing system that would be more convenient, Wall Street Journal reports.

The changes will allow Indian citizens to schedule appointments at the embassy by phone or online via a newly launched website. Applicants will also be able to make fee payments electronically by mobile phones or by depositing cash at Axis Bank branches. The system will be fully functional by the end of this month. The embassy have also set up help lines and 33 pick-up locations for documents.

The new system is part of a broader overhaul of the US visa processing. “We expect that our new system will further increase the efficiency and transparency of our visa processing, standardizing the process for all visa applicants worldwide,” head of consular affairs at the US Embassy Julia Stanley told reporters.

Despite the changes, applicants still need to go through “Offsite Facilitation Centers” for their visa photos and fingerprints and interview with US officials at the embassy or Consulate. Visa application fees remain the same. According to the Journal, there will be no guarantee that all applicants will be approved for a visa.