The US is standing by Japan and its claims that China locked weapons-guiding radar on its naval forces last month, according to AP

In remarks acknowledging the “provocative” move from Beijing, US Defense Department spokeswoman Maj. Cathy Wilkinson said Tuesday that “we have seen and are concerned by the reports of the Chinese radar incident.”

“We have satisfied ourselves that it does appear to have happened,” State Department Victoria Nuland said. “Actions such as this escalate tensions and increase the risk of an incident or a miscalculation.”

The radar incidents “were cases that could have led to an extremely dangerous situation with just one wrong move,” Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said at a news conference in Tokyo.

China denied Japan’s allegations, saying they were “irresponsible” and that the Japanese government for talking up the “China threat.”

The US has urged all parties to avoid any step that could raise the risk of miscalculations “that could undermine peace and stability in the region.”

Washington reiterated its neutral stance on the maritime dispute but opposes “unilateral actions” undermining Japan’s administration of the islands in the East China Sea.