Yokohama is undergoing some important changes this year, with a handful of new constructions either already open for business or scheduled to open later in 2020. If there’s one thing that Yokohama can’t have enough of, it’s outdoor space. The seaside city is filled with beautiful places to go for a stroll, and Uniqlo is adding one more to the list.

Opening on April 13, 2020 (delayed from its original opening date of April 10 due to the coronavirus outbreak – be sure to check business hours after April 13), Uniqlo Park Yokohama Bayside Store is everything you’d expect from the popular retail brand, plus a vast open space. Uniqlo Park was specially designed for kids and their parents. Featuring massive outdoor spaces, from playgrounds to bouldering hills, this new shopping space has everything to make browsing fun for everyone. Across the park, visitors can shop both GU and Uniqlo, spread out throughout four commercial spaces.

Limited-Edition and Exclusive Goods

To celebrate the opening of this new space and the 50th anniversary of the series, the brand is releasing a range of Ultraman-inspired goods. While they’ll be available in Uniqlo stores all over Japan, get your hands on the stock early at Uniqlo Park from mid-April. Goods include about a dozen T-shirt designs for men and children, as well as keychains to decorate your backpack. Limited-edition totes and plaster bandages with colorful Uniqlo patterns will be given away to customers who spend over ¥10,000 during the first three days from opening (available while stocks last).

Rooftop Gardens

The park also features a couple of rooftop gardens. Here, Uniqlo is pledging to plant and grow olive trees. This initiative is to bring awareness to the brand’s in-store fundraising campaign, the Setouchi Olive Foundation. In fact, a percentage of the proceeds will go into raising money to organize activities and conserve the natural landscape of the Okayama Prefecture city, in which the olive tree plays a crucial role.

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