The UN Security Council on Wednesday condemned North Korea’s missile launch which “successfully put a satellite into orbit,” augmenting Kim Jong-un’s leadership of the impoverished state.

Security Council president and Moroccan UN Ambassador Mohammed Loulichki said the body would discuss an “appropriate response” to Pyongyang’s launch in defiance of UN resolutions, according to Reuters.

“Members of the Security Council condemned this launch, which is a clear violation of Security Council resolutions 1718 and 1874,” Mr. Loulichki told reporters after a closed-door meeting. “Members of the Security Council will continue consultations on an appropriate response.”

Diplomats said they hoped the body would consider adopting a binding resolution on North Korea’s “provocative act” and add pressure to existing UN sanctions against the pariah state.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters North Korea would face “consequences” for its rocket launch and that the US would work with international partners to “further isolate and punish” Pyongyang. “It has chosen not to abide by its international obligations and therefore there will be consequences for that.”

French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud said it was “logical to sooner or later have a resolution.”

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said the council “should react strongly to this provocation.”

China and Russia, however, can undermine appropriate measures sought by other Security Council members as both are seen as the North’s main allies and have veto power.