After 3 weeks in Malaysia and Borneo and urgency to get my Indian Visa, I decided to head to Thailand.

I have been fortunate to have traveled to Thailand many times over the past 11 years, however if I’m honest, I would have much preferred to have gone to Sri Lanka or Myanmar for my visa had I not felt the need for sun, R&R and assurance I could obtain an Indian visa from Bangkok.

I have never visited the cluster of eastern islands of Ko Samui, Ko Phangan or Ko Tao so I have brought myself to Ko Phangan for something new.

Despite it’s fame for the Full Moon Parties, the beach area of Hat Rin was decidedly uneventful as I arrived on the day of “Half Moon Party” (read: an excuse to party between the full and new moon). The young and tacky tourist vibe was not my scene, so after a night and chance meetings with friends I know in Nepal I headed to the north-eastern beach of Had Yuan.

The best way to get there is by long boat and the long boat mafia had me between a rock and sandy beach as they greedly doubled the price because I’m foreign and the sea was rough. As I leapt onto the shore of Had Yuan soaked to the bone and looking like a bedraggled shipwreck survivor I felt they earned their money that day.

For 350 baht I settled into a cute forest bungalow at the ever so lovely Bamboo Hut on the Rocks. With the sound of crashing waves, a group of like-minded people, and the best café in the area I was exactly where I wanted to be.

In the next bay, The Sanctuary is a holistic resort that offers yoga, massage and the like and is not to be missed and for those who want to dance Guy’s Bar has an awesome dance party every Friday from 11pm to noon the following day.