Under the slogan, “Spreading Smiles Through Games”, cosplayers will collect together with gamers to see the latest technological advances and gaming releases, with the world’s media watching closely. Tokyo Game Show 2012 is here.

Major players such as Nintendo and Sega may have the biggest booths, but it will be the developers who many will rush to after breaking free from the entrance queue. Smartphone gamers too, will be kept happy: this year, for the first time, they even get a special zone.

The Massive merchandise hall and “Family Area” are fairly near one another (expect to here plenty of “please mum… I want that one!”) and serious budding developers or those looking to work in the industry can check out the “Game School Area”.

This year, it seems like as well as smartphone devices, the 3DS will get quite a good work out from gamers, who are eager to get their hands on early copies of such games as “Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney” and “Fantasy Life.”

Many people, though, will just turn up to get their eyes on the wackiest costume ideas.


Some of the cosplayers spend vast sums of cash on their hobby, impersonating obscure game characters (can you work out who the person on the left is?) and generally posing around the place, making it feel a little surreal.

You can certainly trust the safe hands of the organisers: one of the key rules dished out to cosplayers is that “Uniforms of policemen, firemen, SDF officials and security guards, as well as doctor’s coats, nurse’s uniforms, etc. are prohibited.”

We can sleep better now.

Where: Makuhari Messe, Chiba

When: Public Days, September 22 and 23 (Trade show September 20/21) all 10:00 – 17:00

How Much: ¥1,200 (click here to buy)

Visit the Tokyo Game Show 2012 official site (in English) here.