Thriller Live comes to Tokyo

Michael Jackson fans might be delighted to hear they can still catch the King of Pop for a performance of his greatest hits, as he’ll be gracing our metropolis once more… well, not quite Jacko himself, unfortunately, but a close rendition.

Thriller Live is a tribute concert conceived by Adrian Grant, Jackson family friend and biographer, which has toured the world since 2007. The large scale production will be taking the stage of Roppongi Blue Theatre, in place of the Blue Man Group.

An extravaganza of music, dancing, lights and (most importantly?) costume changes promises to cover the entire catalogue of greatest hits – think early stuff from Michael’s Jackson Five days, 80s smashes such as “Thriller” (of course!), “Bad”, “Smooth Criminal” and then some mid-90s ballads for good measure.

Will the tribute honour the King or pale in comparison? Mixed reviews mention shortfalls in the vocals but praise the fierce choreography and dance moves and an overall breathtaking theatrical production.

Those who attended Summer Sonic, at which a snippet of the show was presented last month perhaps caught a glimpse of Thriller Live. We saw many people lured to that stage by the opening notes of “Bad” and sticking around long enough to witness an impeccable moonwalk before heading off to a different stage but fans stumping up for tickets here will surely get into the spirit for a night of musical reminiscing and laughs.

If you’re a Jacko fan, this will undoubtedly be a great way to spend a few hours with the King of Pop.

Thriller Live in Tokyo

When: Sept. 29 – Dec. 9

Where: Roppongi Blue Theatre (see map)

How much: S ¥8,500, A ¥7,500, students ¥6,500

Official Site:

by Vivian Morelli

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