Five Mexican men have been convicted of drug trafficking in Malaysia.

Judge Mohamad Zawawi of the Kuala Lumpur High Court said the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and sentenced three Mexicans, a Singaporean and a Malaysian to be hanged.

The men claimed they were not involved in the drug-making but were actually cleaning when they were arrested at the illegal drug laboratory in 2008.

The factory contained more than 29 kilograms (63 pounds) of methamphetamine worth 44 million ringgit ($15 million).

The three Mexican brothers, the first in Malaysia to be arrested on drug trafficking charges, came from Sinaloa State, the drug-trade capital of their country.

They were making and selling bricks in Mexico before leaving the country to seek employment abroad. The defendants’ lawyer said he will appeal the verdict. The Mexican government did not intervene in the case.