An entire event dedicated to tasting the fermented rice drink, with over 300 premium hand-selected samples to quench your thirst.

Nihonshu, known in the English language, of course, as ‘sake’, is getting a lot of attention on the international scene and sake bars are popping up all over the globe, spreading the traditional Japanese drink’s popularity.

The Joy of Sake is a non-profit organization that holds events throughout the year, in the belief that the best way to learn about sake is through actual tasting experiences – which seems a fair point. The main events usually take place in Honolulu, New York and Tokyo, and are purportedly the largest sake-tasting events held outside Japan.

The event is making a quick stop in our city next week for us Tokyoites savor samples of their selection, such as the fragrant and fruity daiginjo or the smooth, earthy junmai, presented alongside sake appetizers prepared by specialty Tokyo restaurants.

This time, The Joy of Sake will be held in the penthouse “Tokubetsu Hall” of the TOC Building, near Gotanda Station, so expect a spectacular city view. A live performance of Hawaiian music and a hula show will act as the soundtrack to the tasting.

The Joy of Sake

When: Tuesday Nov. 6, 18:00-21:00

Where: TOC Building, near Gotanda station (see map)

How much: ¥8,000 (click here to purchase online)

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