The Yokohama-based International School introduces a French Section

by Gilles Gaury

Established in 1872, Saint Maur International School is the oldest international school in Japan. The school continues in its pioneering spirit and commitment to providing students of all nationalities, genders and beliefs with quality education within a caring family environment.

Noted as a leader in educational excellence and innovation, the school was the first international school to introduce to Japan such programs as the International Montessori Program, the International Primary Curriculum, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, the Lions Quest values program, and Trinity College of Music examinations. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs. A unique “Adult Enrichment Program,” open to parents and community members, which functions during the school day, at no cost other than when materials apply, demonstrates the school’s commitment to life-long learning as something to be enjoyed and valued.

Situated in the residential and historical area of Yokohama, within well-maintained air-conditioned buildings, the school community is assured a safe and pleasant environment conducive to good learning, relaxation and recreation. The range of excellent facilities, combined with careful scheduling, enables students, of all ages, to participate in a variety of clubs, extracurricular activities and support programs that enhance the development of each student’s mental, physical, spiritual, creative and social wellbeing. Apart from the pastoral care the school is noted for providing, it is also recognized for its excellent academic program, with between 95–100 percent of graduates being accepted to good universities and colleges throughout the world.

In order to meet the educational needs of the French speaking community, the school founded a French Section in August of 2007. Pre-school Montessori aged children, are eligible to enter at age two and a half, and those who are pre-first grade age have daily French classes to prepare them for entry into the French Section first grade at the appropriate age.

Elementary children in the French Section are accommodated in a classroom set-up especially to cater to children from grades one through five, where they follow the French curriculum under the direction of a well-qualified and experienced  teacher. Joining in with the students in the English speaking international section in such subjects as music and physical education,  and in after school activities, ensures that those in the French Section will gain sufficient skills in  English to enable them to fit into the international community of Yokohama/Tokyo where English is the main language of communication. Depending upon numbers and room availability, the school may consider expanding the French section over a period of time to accommodate student through to high school.

For information on St. Maur’s programs please see: Prospective parents are welcome to contact the school to arrange for a tour of the campus. Entering the 135th year of providing an education to the children from the international community, the school would like to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals and companies who have supported them, and for their dedication and commitment to education and to the next generation.