Travel can give you the opportunity to experience many things. A deeper understanding of your fellow human beings. A recognition of hidden strengths that might have lain dormant for years. Or, the chance to hang out with 200 tame foxes.

Up in Tohoku’s Miyagi Prefecture, the Zao Kitsune Mura (or “Fox Village”) allows visitors the opportunity to spend time with the long-nosed, pointy-eared residents of this unique tourist attraction.

Foxes seem to have a mixed reputation in traditional Japanese culture: on one side, they are the guardian animals at Inari Shinto shrines and recognized for their wisdom and intelligence. However, there are also plenty of stories that put the clever kitsune in a negative light.

A story on Laughing Squid noted that Japanese/American couple Rachel and Jun—who maintain an impressive social media presence—dropped in on Fox Village last month, and just recently uploaded a video detailing their adventures among the vulpine set.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Nara or Miyajima, you might find this behavior familiar: in fact, these foxes can be just as aggressive as the deer in those tourist hotspots. So, if you do decide to make their way up for a visit, make sure not to carry anything that might smell delicious to the little fellows, or just be prepared to be mugged by a skulk of adorable foxes. Hey, there are worse ways to go…

—Alec Jordan