A Thai senator faces 10 years imprisonment for causing death by negligence after he “accidentally” shot his ex-wife in the presence of about 10 family members, AFP reports.

Thai senate representative Boonsong Kowawisarat, 56, claimed the trigger of the Uzi 9mm pistol went off while he was trying to remove a stuck bullet, accidentally firing bullets at his wife and secretary Chanakarn Detkard, 46, at a private dining area in a restaurant.

Boonsong told AFP in a telephone interview that it was a “tragic accident” and blamed his ill condition. “My hand is not in good condition. I am ill. I had a stroke,” he added. Boonsong allegedly purchased the weapon for the protection of his ex-wife which he said is living with her mother and two daughters, saying “I wanted her to have it as I’m worried about them”.

Boonsong currently has parliamentary immunity. Police lieutenant Choosak Poonsawat told AFP that Boonsong will likely be called to court after the end of the parliamentary session.