Fashion goes high-tech on the court

Tennis has changed completely since its beginnings in thirteenth century France and it continues to evolve. Recently, the game has, with the aid of technology, become a power sport and fashion stage. If you know who Serena Williams is, then you know what I mean.

The Change!

When you see Andy Roddick hitting a 140mph serve, he is using every piece of his athleticism combined with space age technology. Rackets using nanotechnology, polyester based monofilament strings, shoes with superior lateral stability, even shirts, shorts and caps which are designed to pull excess moisture away from the body all help to provide the modern tennis player with the tools needed to blast their shots past their opponents. Combined with the latest fashions, tennis players today are powerful and stylish.

Can I Look and Play Like That?

Is it possible for anyone to look and hit like a pro?
Yes! First, go check out the sports and tennis shops. Everything now is not only highly functional but also stylish. Wilson, with its new line of rackets designed specifically for women, not only work great but also look great. They come in a variety of models including Crimson and Spicy Ruby with colors to suit everyone. Check out the latest New Balance shoes, featuring “Abzorb,” one of the best foam-based cushioning materials in the industry, and a “Width-Sizing System” that gives you multiple choice of shoe widths in the same shoe length so you can get the perfect fit. Try on some moisture wicking clothing which moves perspiration away from your body and I guarantee you will never want to wear that old cotton t-shirt again. With your new tennis outfit and racket you will definitely look and feel like a pro. Now all you need is some helpful instruction and that’s where we at Krissman International can help.

You’re ready to hit the courts. Go for it!