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Not having financial objectives & goals
Your money, your finances, and your future do not take care of themselves! If you put off until tomorrow the planning you should be doing today and just spend as you go, chances are tomorrow will be too late! If you don’t know where you’re going, you can never get there and if you don’t know what your goals are, you can never attain them.

Having too much of the ‘wrong type’ of debt
Debt is pretty inevitable nowadays. Having the wrong sort of debt costs you massively in interest payments and brings you nothing in return. We all want nice things in life, but at what cost? Are you guilty of living for today and not planning for tomorrow? Spend in relation to what you have earned and not in anticipa­tion of what you will earn.

Not having an emergency fund
Don’t leave yourself wide open to fate. Cover yourself with enough cash, should you run into short-term finan­cial difficulties. This is the most important part to culti­vate first, with easy access to funds in the short term.

Failing to plan for retirement
Who is going to look after your interests when you re­tire? You can’t rely on the state so start planning today. It is never too soon to begin your pension planning.

Not having life insurance
If something were to happen to you or your spouse, how would the surviving partner cope? Take that considera­tion out of the picture and get sufficient life insurance to protect the future security of the ones you love.

Taking advice from friends & family
Without wishing to insult your family and friends!—What is right for one person may not be right for anoth­er when it comes to financial decisions and investment planning. Think about it, does your own personal cir­cumstance reflect to the letter that of the advice giver?

Not teaching children about money
Monetary bad habits can be learned and inherited—do your children the favor of educating them and setting a good example for them to follow. Introduce them to good financial management in the form of regular sav­ing. Lead and they will follow.

Misjudging risk
Do you know what your risk profile is? Are you cau­tious, balanced, or more adventurous when it comes to investing money? Know your own mind about what is acceptable to you.

Doing nothing when in doubt
If you don’t know the answer to something, ask someone who does. If you don’t understand the answers, ask again. Get informed, get informed, do not remain passive

Buying into unsuitable investments
Knowing what and when it’s right for you are two key points to get to grips with. What would have been a sound financial investment at age 25 could spell dis­aster for you at age 65! Too often in life people fail to consider timing when investing.

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