Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan. Founded in 1982, TUJ has developed into a nationally recognized institution offering an extensive range of educational programs. In addition to its core undergraduate program, TUJ offers graduate programs in lawbusiness, and education; an English-language preparation programcontinuing education courses; and corporate education classes.

Temple University, Japan Campus’ Response to COVID-19

TUJ Continuing Education provides a wide array of personal and professional development courses. To accommodate “stay-at-home week”, they are delivering more than 60 live fully-interactive courses remotely. 

Courses are taught by local Tokyo-area industry experts, and range from world languages to psychology to investing. Even online, their courses emphasize active and engaged learning, local and global relevance, practical skill development, and peer to peer learning.

Often those economically impacted during these challenging times are the most in need of professional development. To help, the University has reduced tuition fees by 25% for all online continuing education courses. Other discount opportunities may also apply.  

This is a particularly good opportunity for those who don’t live within commuting distance of the TUJ’s new campus in Setagaya. As the courses are delivered completely remotely, you can take them from anywhere.

The program also offers a number of professional certificates, including HR management, interior design, accounting and finance, and project management. This is an excellent opportunity to earn several credits towards one of these certificates at a fraction of the usual tuition cost. 

 Classes begin the week of May 25th, and generally run for 8 to 10 weeks. View the full list of courses and apply online at the TUJ Continuing Education website

Message from Temple University, Japan Campus

“Completely redesigning over 60 courses for online delivery is no small feat. In fact, it’s a massive shift for our program. But when we looked around and reflected on our mission to help people continue their education no matter where they are in life, we knew we had to do it. Still, it’s not just holding a few lessons via Zoom. We introduced a brand new learning management system and courses were rethought from ground up to ensure we deliver as high quality an educational experience online as we do in the classroom. We’ve used this crisis to improve upon how we’ve been doing things. Thankfully, we work with an outstanding group of expert instructors who were up for the challenge. As a result, we are proud to be able to offer our community that same chance to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth.” 

—  Justin Scott Sanders, Director, Continuing Education, Temple University, Japan Campus