Leading charity Save the Children has urged the United Nations for greater monitoring of violations of children’s rights in Syria as violence continues to raze the country.

Save the Children reported that children have been killed and tortured amid the civil war. Justin Forth, Save the Children chief executive, said that the stories of children, who are most vulnerable in times of conflict, needed “to be heard and documented so those responsible for these appalling crimes against children can be held to account”.

A 16-year old boy told Save the Children how he saw a six-year old die before his eyes after being beaten. “I feel as though I’m dying from the inside,” the boy was quoted in the report as saying. “At least when I die this will be over”. Another boy said he saw dogs eating the corpses of people after they were massacred.

The report coincides with the gathering of world leaders in New York where UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, addressing the General Assembly, condemned the ‘relentless violence’ in Syria. A conflict between rebel groups and President Bashar al-Assad’s regime broke out on Monday, leaving 70 people dead. Seven children were among those killed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. Two bombs exploded at a school building occupied by security forces and pro-government militias on Tuesday. Rebel fighters claimed responsibility for the explosion, Reuters reported.