Police have made an arrest in the case of the vandalism of more than 250 copies of The Diary of Anne Frank.

The suspect has been identified as an “unemployed man in his 30s,” and he has admitted to some involvement in the vandalism of the books.

He was apprehended last week for hanging up a poster in an Ikebukuro bookstore without permission from the store. Police have not stated what the poster said, nor have they released the name of the suspect, which is frequently the case when the mental competence of the suspect is in doubt.

Video footage from the bookstore showed that the suspect visited the store on one of the same days when the library books were defaced, and that he was wandering around areas of the bookstore where books on the Holocaust were. He has also been seen on security footage from locations where books had been ripped.

A motive for the crime has yet to be announced.

Image: mentalfloss.com