Rivendale Summer School

Rivendale Summer School is a comprehensive language program de­signed for children learning English or Japanese as a second language.

Through games and child-friendly materials we help children gain confidence in their verbal skills as well as accelerate their written and reading skills. Classes are multi-aged and students are observed and giv­en tasks and activities according to their individual skills and abilities. In a non-competitive, supporting environment, children young and old feel comfortable conversing in a second language. During the three-hour class children also enjoy art and cooking projects, music, games and activities in their selected language.

We are offering three one-week sessions this year for the Sum­mer Program, which will begin the week of Jul. 30 and run through the week of Aug. 13. Please choose the AM session (9am-noon) or the PM session (1pm-4pm) and the language you would like your child to study (English/Japanese). This program is for children from four to nine years of age.

For enrollment information please contact Crystal at 03-5772-0079 or by email at [email protected].

Northwoods Adventure

Northwoods Adventure Summer Program

Founded in 1996, Northwoods Adventure will be hosting its 13th con­secutive summer camp session. The program is open to boys and girls ages 8 to 15 and will take place Jul. 8-Aug 2. Space is limited to the first 40 campers registering for the program.

  • Educational focus: experiential education in an English language environment.
  • Private and safe: in the heart of nature. Located on Erickson Lake, one of over 700 lakes within the Chippewa National Forest boundary near Bemidji, Minnesota, USA.
  • A valuable and rewarding experience: emphasizing personal inde­pendence, teamwork, leadership skills, and a positive sense of self-es­teem through success oriented activities.
  • Activities: hiking, swimming, camping, cooking, fishing, canoeing, golfing, archery, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, knee boarding, mountain biking, 4WD off-road rides, campfires, and a wide variety of sports, games, and friendly team competitions.


Evergreen Outdoor Center

Evergreen Outdoor Center Summer Camps

Our summer camp is the ultimate get-away for kids who are keen to have some serious fun! From canoeing, kayaking, and rock climbing to overnight camping trips and mountain biking on off-road trails, our camps have something for everyone. Based at Lake Aokiko, our camp­ers stay in lakeside cabins for the duration of their stay, except for our popular overnight camping trip where we stay in tents. Our camp base has shower and washroom facilities, an outdoor kitchen, an indoor communal room (for dining, games, arts & crafts, etc.) and a boathouse for all our water-based sports. Every day we will prepare our own meals (preparation, cooking & clean-up) in an open kitchen and will rotate the jobs so everyone has a chance to try everything. Camp dates are from Monday to Friday in Jun., Jul., and Aug. Evergreen’s aim is to al­low for the growth and development of the human spirit through di­rect interaction with the natural environment, personal challenge, and teamwork, always accommodating individual needs while maintaining a high standard of safety. This summer take one step beyond; towards excitement, personal challenge, teamwork and new camp friends!

For further information see www.evergreen-hakuba.com/groups/kidsCamp.html

Discover Japan's Nanbo Discovery Camp

Discover Japan’s Nanbo Discovery Camp and Summer School

Our residential camps are located in Minami Boso at the tip of the Chiba Pe­ninsula with new camp facility, Nanbo Kokusai Mura, opening Jun. 2007.

  • Nanbo Discovery Summer School’s (four-night/five-day) morning focus is on English language arts through an integrated and thematic approach. Teachers are highly qualified with internalional school ex­perience. Afternoons find campers participating in adventure activities with evening activities that include campfires, singing, board games and more. Cooking is also an important part of all our programs.
  • Nanbo Discovery Camp (five-nights/six-days), is an adventure of sports, science, camping, cooking, and much more. Campers explore the countryside and wonder at the marvels of nature. Whether the campers are learning about organisms in a tide pool, cooking meals for the entire group, body surfing at the beach or building self-esteem through success, they will certainly have a positive experience.
  • Contact David at 090-7716-0102, email [email protected]



Gymboree Summer Passport Program

At Gymboree we believe that opportunities to play are really opportu­nities to learn. Play teaches children how to control their bodies, de­velop confidence and understand their abilities and limits. Summer is a great time to escape the hot weather and learn with your child in our fully air-conditioned facilities. This summer, we will be offering a special passport program which will allow you and your child to attend unlimited classes in your child’s level and free play in our gym room for a one-week or three-week period. Our age-appropriate play, music and art programs, for children three months to five years old, help children practice social skills, develop problem-solving skills, and refine their language and motor skills in a stimulating and fun environment. Each class includes activities that impose simple and playful “rules”, such as working in a group, taking turns, and following or acting as the leader. In addition to our parent-child classes, for older kids, we will also be offering one hour and two hour drop off classes which will give parents a break during the long summer vacation. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at 03-5449-2311 or by email [email protected] for ad­ditional information about our summer passport program.

Yoyogi International School

Yoyogi International School Summer Session

Yoyogi International School’s summer session covers basic academic learning in language arts, math, science, fine art, and physical education through summer-themed activities. The summer program is complimen­tary to Yoyogi International School’s yearly curriculum, nurturing growth from enriching learning experiences. From writing workshops to science activities, summer thematic units, and water activities in our playground make summer learning fun!

  • Preschool and Kindergarten classes: ages two to six years old Elementary classes: ages six to eleven years old
  • For the elementary classes, teachers will work with students in small groups to help students maintain their individual reading, writing, and math levels during the long summer.
  • Classes are offered Monday through Friday for ten weeks. Enrollment is on a weekly basis.
  • Dates: Jun. 11 through Aug. 17.
  • Registration starts Apr. 16.
  • For more information contact school office at 03-5478-6714 or visit www.yoyogiinternationalschool.com.

Doremi Garden Playschool

Doremi Garden Playschool

The name “Doremi”is a musical reference and indicates harmony. Doremi Garden International Preschool successfully manages to achieve this har­mony through its international atmosphere, age-appropriate programs, musical environment, science experiments, physical education classes and nature program. We offer a wonderful, safe environment in which a chile’s curious nature and desire to explore are satisfied. There are two gardens at Doremi Garden. The grass garden with colorful fun equipment is a very exciting place for everyone! The other is the rooftop garden where chil­dren enjoy seeing plants and vegetables grow up from seed. Water activities are available during summer. The school also has four spacious classrooms filled with a variety of toys, a craft room, shower room and kitchen.

The teachers are friendly, and have a broad experience in early child­hood education. They offer stimulating activities while paying careful at­tention to each child’s personality and individual needs. Doremi Garden Preschool offers programs for Tiny tots Class (15 months to 2yrs), Sunny Class (2yrs), Star Class (3yrs) and Rainbow Class (4 and 5yrs). In addition to 10am-2:15pm preschool classes, there are fun afternoon classes such as English classes, violin, piano, ballet, karate & kid’s yoga lessons. We are looking for new members to enroll for Summer School. Please come and join us!