Booming above the river as people fight for space down below, fireworks in Tokyo are quite an experience.

Get a little taste of the downtown atmosphere and, with what will seem like a few million others (but is expected to be just the one) crane your neck towards the sky and enjoy the show. The event has been going since 1733 and will this year be bigger than ever after a reduced 2011 display, with around 20,000 fireworks for the street sweepers to clean away as their smithereens crash down amongst the discarded noodle trays.

Some of the fireworks fly up to 600m into the sky before explosion, so you will see them across town but the best viewing is a premium so head there early; for more information on the best spots to watch the Sumida river fireworks, check here.

When: Saturday July 28, 19:05 – 20:30 (will be moved to Sunday in the case of bad weather)

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