Most days, we tend to let life pass by, failing to notice the small things that make a difference, and perhaps forgetting to appreciate the environment where much of daily life takes place—the home. Swedish furniture company IKEA intends to help customers pay more attention to that daily environment through a focus on two of the most important rooms in a home, and through more unconventional means as well.

A couple of months ago, IKEA collaborated with world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz to make young couples to experience their products in an unusual way—by being exposed to potentially life-changing everyday events in a predicted future life. The state of hypnotic trance makes people more open to suggestion, which allowed Tranz to guide the volunteering couples to explore an imaginary prospective ordinary day, in an IKEA home setting.

This year, IKEA is also paying extra attention to bedrooms and bathrooms. These are the rooms where the everyday begins and ends, and knowing that if everyone can start and end their day in a way that suits them, the rest of their days will become better as well. The large product choice can be seen in the new IKEA catalogue, through which the company hopes to inspire people to look at their home in new ways.

With this Time Travel Experiment, IKEA put the spotlight on those big moments happening in our everyday lives that has an effect on how we live—because when our lives change, so do our homes.

Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA says: “At IKEA, we believe that life happens everyday. That it’s on those seemingly ordinary days the magic happens, when life takes shape and changes, and it’s for those moment we create our products and solutions.”

You can see a video of the time travel experiment below.

—Mona Neuhauss

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