Patriotic Olympic fans are not the only ones staying up all night but also restaurants and snack bars that want to tap the after-dinner market. London isn’t the only place receiving a financial boost from the Games.

Times Square Mall in Seoul has set up a super-sized wide screen TV for supporters of the Korean team in the Olympics. About 300 or 400 people flock to the mall after work complete with props and banners. One soccer match between South Korea and Gabon ended 3 a.m. but the people were still going. Lim Chae-ram, 37, a fan said, “I can’t say that I will watch the Olympics every night, but I will give my support as much as I can until the event is finished”.

While Koreans are growing nocturnal, the food market booms just after midnight. According to E-Mart, sales of late-night snacks have risen since the beginning of the Olympic Games, including beers, chicken, snacks and instant food products. Pubs are also joining the Olympic bandwagon, airing Games so costumers can watch while dining and drinking. Take the train in the morning and you will see more than a few sleepy office workers, and some happy service industry businessmen.