Among the 1,500 attendees showcasing their startups in the beLAUNCH conference held in Korea, four startups stood out as the most promising and innovative works of the young South Korean entrepreneurs, Venture Beat reports.

Meghan Kelly of Venture Beat says the conference reflects a new South Korean notion among the youth from “a predictable job at Samsung” to progressive jobs farther than Samsung, LG or Hyundai.

GigaOM’s Ryan Kim observed that the startups were “still raw and need some seasoning”, with some “building upon an existing idea”. However, there were also some startups that displayed real technology and innovative ideas.

KnowRe, an educational technology startup, is an adaptive learning system which personalizes lessons based on children’s progress. KnowRe won the Plug and Play Tech Center prize and a free ride to the DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, California.

Other winners are Weenu, YouNoodle accelerator prize winner, an art marketplace for phones which tells the story behind the art work and help selling the piece. TakeTalks, a languager tutoring service site, won the Amazon Web Services prize. It matches Koreans with tutors using common interests both have listed. Yeati is similar to LinkedIn which targets younger audience and won the Qualcomm Ventures QPrize.