South Korea’s two largest airlines said Thursday they are banning shark fins from their cargo flights as part of a global campaign to curb the trade in the marine species.

Korean Air and Asiana both imposed a “complete ban” on the shipment of shark fin, reports AFP.

“Korean Air has joined a campaign to protect an ecological system” by implementing the ban starting June 10, a statement from the airline, which flies to 45 countries, said.

Asiana, the country’s second largest airline, said it had followed suit without disclosing when the ban would be enforced.

The move by Korean Air and Asiana follows a similar step by a number of Asian carriers, including Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific which banned shark fin shipments last September, according to AFP.

Shark trade have gained global attention as shark populations decreased, mostly because of trade in shark fin, a considered delicacy mostly among the Chinese.

About 100 million sharks are hunted each year, mostly for their fins, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.