South Korea’s Science Ministry has announced plans to launch a rocket, months after North Korea’s widely condemned failed rocket launch, AP reports.

This will be South Korea’s third attempt to put a satellite into orbit from its own territory after being unsuccessful in 2009 and 2010. The first stage of the two-stage Naro rocket was designed and built by Russia, while South Korea made the second stage. The Naro rocket will blast off between October 26 and 31, according to a ministry statement. South Korean officials told the Asahi Shimbun that they would inform international aviation and maritime organizations of the plans.

The international community condemned North Korea’s rocket launch, which resulted in a crash-landing into the sea shortly after take off, claiming that it was a disguise for banned testing of long-range missile technology. The UN imposed sanctions on several North Korean companies aimed at containing the country’s illicit moves. Pyongyang claimed the rocket was meant to put a satellite into orbit. Other countries, including Russia and Japan, are attempting to launch rockets in a bid to gain dominance in the space industry.