South Korean police arrested an alleged pimp running a website worth billions of won dedicated to prostitution, Korea JoongAng Daily reports.

Song, idenitified only by his surname, 34, is believed to be the man behind website Yeotop, which facilitates prostitution between 200,000 site members and around 400 brothels. According to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Song has five criminal convictions, including one for involvement in prostitution in 2009. The police were able to trace a money transfer from a pimp and captured Song while he was withdrawing the cash at an ATM machine in Mapo District, northwestern Seoul. Police said they are looking for Song’s accomplices.

Song had been running brothels and a pornographic blog before starting Yeotop where he posts detailed information of prostitutes such as vital statistics, age and height. The website also promotes hostess bars and illegal massage places for registered members. Yeotop was able to skirt censors by using Chinese servers and changing the domain monthly. Police shut down the website on Wednesday.