Solare Hotels and Resorts operates hotels and resorts in cities nationwide. Recently, the brand has created new, chic brands such as Hotel Androoms and The Square Hotel, and have served foreign tourists traveling to Tokyo, Kanazawa, and other destinations throughout Japan.

Solare Hotels and Resorts’ Response to COVID-19

To combat the coronavirus, Solare Hotels and Resorts has quickly implemented the mandatory wearing of masks by all staff, as well as has thoroughly disinfecting guest rooms and public spaces. To further ensure the safety of their guests, the hotel is putting notices in the public areas asking guests to report if they are feeling unwell. Solare Hotels and Resorts will also personally advise guests at the lobby to take measures to prevent transmission.

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Message from Solare Hotels and Resorts

“Now that our lives are all so shaken by the novel coronavirus, we are realizing what a prosperous, happy the world was before the spread of the pandemic. We at Solare Hotels and Resorts are striving to think of ways to restore this peaceful and happy life of before, while also ensuring our valid customers and staff’s wellbeing and safety. Over the past several weeks, we have received much warmth and strength and many caring messages. This gives me the confidence that we will emerge more ‘Solare’ [radiant] together than ever before.”

— Solare Hotels and Resorts CEO, Tadashi Inoue