We are pretty sure – the electricity bills after we’ve finished with the air-con will attest – it’s still August.

But that it isn’t October (oh, wonderful, cool October how we long for you…) never seems to stop the Bavarian beer hall booze ups in Japan, and this week it is the turn of Kabukicho.

We’ll start with Hofbrau’s Munchen Summer ale because, well, it’s summer. And, if we have the month wrong we’d better go for some appropriately authentic provenance to make up for it. Then we’ll have something from Spaten (they are also from Munich) and perhaps a Warsteiner or a … well, by then we’ll probably need couple of pretzels and a wiener.

An Alpine band will add oompah to proceedings throughout the afternoons as you sway with your glass – don’t drop it, though, you may lose your ¥1,000 yen deposit.

When: August 3 – 12, 16:00 – 21:00 weekdays, 12:00 – 21:00 at the weekend.

Where: Okubo Park, Kabukicho

Have a look at the Shinjuku Oktoberfest official site, here.

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