Seisen International School, based in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward, is an international Catholic school that welcomes students from many ethnic groups, cultures and religious traditions into a happy, caring and respect filled atmosphere. 

Seisen offers an educational program that prepares “today’s students for tomorrow’s world.” The school’s program spans preschool, elementary, middle and high school years, K-12, and focuses on high academic standards as well as social, physical, aesthetic, cultural and spiritual development. The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) offers students in High School a Diploma that gives them a university entry credential for colleges worldwide.

When the coronavirus outbreak began spreading in Japan, Seisen took the decision to shift to online education to protect its students and staff. The school’s Online Home Learning program will continue until the end of June.

Message from Seisen International School

“Little did we know how much our motto this school year of ‘Learning to Love and Loving to Learn through Courage and Commitment’ would be challenged.

Decisions made by the administration to move to online learning until the completion of the school year, have held at their center the health and safety of the students and our school community.

The aim of our Seisen Learning Contingency Plan is to ensure learning and love of learning continues. Our goal is for students to continue learning, but not necessarily replicate a traditional school day as per the timetable. The success of our Online Home Learning provision is dependent on partnership, on careful and collaborative planning, appropriate student motivation and engagement and strong parent support for this alternative model of instruction. We monitor student emotional wellbeing through feedback, counselor-led wellness initiatives, and adaptation of instruction to include various imaginative avenues to promote fitness and creativity.”

— Collette Rogers, Seisen International School, School Head

Seisen International School

Address: 12-15 Yoga 1-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097
Phone: 03-3704-2661
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