Japanese women have literally added a whole new dimension to the term ‘nail art.’ I first came across this fantastic phenomenon about 18 months ago upon getting what  now seems to be a very routine manicure consisting of a shape and polish. The woman tending to me had what I can only describe as ten hot pink talons nearly two inches long with diamantes, glitter and small chains dangling from each one. Suddenly my own hands seemed very dull by comparison. I quickly realized that I, of the computer nerd variety, would probably never be able to kit my nails out in such a way.  Keyboards and practicality would win that one.

Photo by Elisabeth Lambert

I spotted these incredible nails above on the Keiyo line recently and was utterly amazed. I can’t help but be in awe of the women with these incredible mini-canvases hanging off the ends of their fingers going about the mundane tasks that come with living everyday life. Putting on pantyhose, cooking, trying to pick up anything (“Honey, can you get that pin I dropped on the floor?”) or even going to the bathroom all the beg the question, “How??”  Not only should the nail technicians behind creations like this be commended, but so too should the women rocking them.

Those fingers could kill an itch before they even touched it!