Tokyo School Utilizes 3D Technology to Teach Kids Science

The science faculty of the International School of the Sacred Heart School have introduced the use of pioneering 3D Educational technology and software into their curriculum.

This system was used for the first time in the science classes at the beginning of April this year.

The first classes to use the 3D technology were AP physics, ‘Nerd club’, grade 8 science, grade 5 science and grade 10 physics. There are many sound educational reasons that make this system such a strong educational tool. There is the clear, very large 3D visualisation of what previously would have been either small models or 2 dimensional diagrams. The interest level is aroused, stimulated and maintained by the use of the technology for the delivery of the information and this is having a significant impact on the recall of the students’ knowledge. The students are also better able to see how the science fits into real world situations with some of the software available.

3D Technology in Sacred Heart School

Funds raised by the Parents’ Association made this purchase possible say the school

The system has been purchased for use in the Middle and High School Science program and the science staff have been doing professional development on how the software programs can best enhance and support our already excellent science program. ISSH girls will experience the use of this technology in their science classes when it fits best into their curriculum. Funds raised by the Parents’ Association made this purchase possible.

This funding has enabled the Science department to purchase this innovative and highly interactive technology and for Sacred Heart to lead the way in the Asia region.


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