South Korea will install new developments to its military communications through the use of smartphone applications, The Korea Herald reports.

According to the military, using smartphone applications will enhance its operational capabilities. The applications will be distributed to smartphones certified to access the Ministry of National Defense and Joint Chief of Staff’s servers. Instead of using radio devices with poor communications reception, smartphones can transmit location information in real time, a military official told local media. The applications can be used for up to six years and installed in smartphones such as the locally made Samsung Galaxy S II.

Other features of the application include the ability to send and receive still images and video, real-time video streaming, augmented reality, navigation, image and document librarie, and location tracking.

South Korea is following in the US military’s footsteps. The US has been testing military smartphone applications since last year, including those with the capability of translating 40 languages and calculating environmental factors for snipers, The Korea Herald reports.