South Korea, Japan and the United States will hold high-level talks to discuss rising speculations over North Korea’s actions.

Lim Sung-Nam, South Korea’s chief nuclear envoy will meet with his counterparts from Japan and United States, Shinsuke Sugiyama and Glyn Davies, in Seoul. The talks will discuss issues mainly concerning North Korea – development on the Korean peninsula and potential nuclear threats.

The countries are speculating another nuclear test from North Korea after its failed long-range missile launch. North Korea denied the allegations, stating that they were only aiming to “put a peaceful satellite into orbit”. The UN condemned Pyongyang’s actions and sanctioned firms from the country for breaching a ban on ballistic missile technology tests. The countries will assess the situation and negotiate on resolutions to deal with North Korea.

East Asian countries met recently on a trilateral summit to talk about North Korea. South Korea and Japan also signed military accords. Japan recently held high-level talks with China, North Korea’s ally in the region.