A South Korean animal rights group has offered a $2,800 reward to find those responsible for setting a dog on fire amid public outcry over the incident.

A CCTV footage broadcast on national news channels showed the dog running through a car park while engulfed in flames. The dog ran into a garage and triggered a fire which ravaged the building in Yongin city, south of Seoul.

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth offered a three million won ($2,813) bounty for information leading to the culprits behind the incident, which provoked public outrage on social networking sites in South Korea.

“Whatever they tried to do, whether to kill, eat or abuse the dog, this cannot be tolerated for any reason,” the group said.

The selling and processing of dog meat, a traditional delicacy in South Korea, is condemned in practice by an increasing number of Koreans. However, it is not against the law, animal advocate groups say.

“This is making our country an international laughing stock, and making the whole world mistakenly believe that all South Koreans eat dogs,” head of CARE Park So-Youn said.

Last year, a South Korea dog meat festival aimed at promoting traditional dog meat consumption was cancelled following fierce protests from animal rights activists. The event also planned to feature products with canine ingredients, such as cosmetics and spirits, according to Ninemsn.