Where are your students from?
We have students
from over 15 countries
at any given time.
Mostly from across Asia.

How long have you been running YIEA?
I have been with the Academy for nearly
20 years and have assumed the present position in 2001.

What is the most challenging thing
about your job?

I consider making sure
I hear what students (and teachers) are really saying the most important and challenging part
of my job.

What Japanese” book
do you recommend?
Our main textbook for beginners is the classic “Minna no Nihongo”.

Masaki Izumi, Vice Principal

How will digital tools,
like iPod/iPad change studying Japanese?

iPads are not yet in hands of enough students for us
to feel impact.

However, we do see a potential for tablets to become students’ very own language lab.

Why is your school different?
We have been here in Yokohama since 1988 and are very confident
of our expertise and experience. Thousands have studied here and hopefully thousands more will  follow.

Language is a living thing. It has a context and it also changes.
Our teachers always
try to keep that in
mind and constantly insert the best and
the newest into our curriculum.

How much do lessons cost?
For example, The intensive 10 weeks
Course is just ¥135,000.

Do you offer course for people who
work full time?

Private tutoring can be arranged.

Do you have any tips for beginners?
We employ the “direct method” of language teaching/learning.
It is best you learn Japanese, in Japanese.