Five men involved in the New Delhi gang-rape case face the death penalty after police on Thursday filed a string of charges against the suspects, including murder, rape and kidnapping.

Police submitted a confidential document to a district court with evidence against the five accused, aged between 19 and 35, and would face death penalty if convicted. A sixth suspect believed to be under the age of 18 will be tried in juvenile court, AFP reports

The government will appoint advocates for the men because lawyers at the New Delhi district court have refused to defend the suspects.

The 23-year old medical student, who remains unidentified, died of multiple organ failure on Saturday according to doctors at the hospital in Singapore where she was flown earlier in the week.

She was in an “extremely critical condition” following the assault where six men violently raped her and attacked her boyfriend while on a moving bus.

The incident sparked criticism over violence against women which has become rampant in India and has led to deep self-reflection on the country’s justice system.