Pakistani activist, 14-year old Malala Yousafzai, was flown to the UK for further treatment on Monday, Reuters reports.

A military spokesman said that doctors recommended Miss Yousafzai be transferred abroad, particularly to a UK center “which has the capability to provide integrated care to children who have sustained severe injury”. Miss Yousafzai needs prolonged care to fully recover “physically and psychologically”.

The young children’s rights activist was in critical condition after doctors struggled to remove a bullet lodged near her spine and had to observe her before recommending to transfer her to a facility abroad.

Miss Yousafzai was attacked by Taliban gunmen on her way home from school for speaking out for girls’ right to education. Two other girls were injured in the shooting. The assault hit headlines worldwide, drawing in condemnation from leaders and the public.

Miss Yousafzai was internationally acclaimed for her “moving” BBC diary chronicling the atrocities perpetuated by the Taliban in Swat. She was then 11.