Weekender Golf Competition a great day out

Things got off to a good start at the first ever Weekender golf competition, held at the breath-taking Windsor Park Golf and Country Club. Girls from the Weekender office were there, wearing matching pink polo shirts.

But the competition really belonged to the participants. All eyes were on Robin Ord-Smith (winner of more golf competitions than should be legal) and his all-star flight, which included Richard Pover-Foulkes (aka Mr. Caroline Pover), Irish Ambassador Brendan Scannell, and John Walker. Unfortunately for Mr. Ord-Smith (and fortunately for everyone else), the handicap system was Shin Peria. Which meant that Nick Lewis was the lucky first place winner. He was the proud recipient of a table for four at the truly out-of-this-world New York Grill at the Park Hyatt. Lucky man.

All in all, the first ever Weekender Golf Competition was a success, and a good time was had by all (except for perhaps the one participant who couldn’t find his designated driver or his car keys for the good part of two hours. It all ended well, however, when said driver was found watching TV in the lounge area). We couldn’t end the day without awarding the two very manly men who chose to wear pink polo shirts at the competition. They took home some “secure in their masculinity” prizes. Good for them!

A big and heartfelt thank you to the City Club of Tokyo, the New York Bar & Grill, Oakwood Asia Pacific, the Right Brain Research Center, Alexandra Press and Virgin Atlantic, who all provided some unbelievable prizes. And of course, a big hug and thank you to Franz Eichenauer and Jim Fletcher of Windsor Park. Without their help and guidance, we would not have gotten very far at all.

Mr. Chugani, whose infectious laugh kept everyone in high spirits throughout the competition, suggested we hold another competition soon. We will, and we’ll have our pink polo shirts on. We look forward to seeing you there!

Weekender Golf Competition