If you ever brought a lunch box from home to school, work or a picnic, you probably went through the frustrating process of shoving your bulky and dirty food container back into your bag, making half the space unusable. And if you’re a serial ziplock bag user, wasting money all while polluting the environment with plastics is equally disheartening. With the new ecological innovation titled Oriyami, you can pack your breakfast, lunch or dinner without the waste and fuss.

Oriyami is a compact lunch box that folds down to a size as slim as your notebook. It is so compact that it can transform into 13 percent of its original thickness, going down from 6.75 centimeters at its largest state to 9 millimeters in height at its smallest. The unprecedented one-piece lunch box transforms three ways in just a few folds: collapsed, opened up, and covered. With a few clicks of magnets, the product snaps close and sturdily opens.

Foolproof and Food Safe

The idea of Oriyami was first created just this summer by a team of Singapore-based industrial designers, composed of Felicia, Jeraldine and Michelle. In regards to what inspired them to make such a product, Jeraldine tells TW, “We observed the problem of having to carry an empty and bulky box after lunch, and we are inspired to make the whole lunchbox experience a much more delightful one.” The group decided to fund their invention based in Singapore through Kickstarter to “reach potential buyers and also gauge their receptiveness towards [their] product.”

The foolproof box owes its tidiness to the food safe and waterproof PUL fabric, making it perfect for dry foods such as sandwiches, chips and nuts. The fabric is also stain resistant. With the simple wipe of a cloth, wet wipe or a quick rinse, the Oriyami is as good as new. Have wet foods such as a salad covered in dressing or chicken with gravy? The innovative box comes with a set of disposable, microwave-safe and compostable inner paper sleeves. As the inner sleeves come pre-folded, you can easily fold and fit them in the Oriyami, making the lunchbox grease-free and conveniently clean.

Cute and Convenient

And if you’re tired of opening every drawer to search for your utensils and containers, you can stick your Oriyami directly onto your refrigerator thanks to its magnets for an easy grab and go. Missing lids are also no longer a problem, as the lunch box contains all in one.

The Oriyami is scheduled to finalize its production and manufacturing by May 2019 and be delivered to its Kickstarter backers by December 2019. But that’s not all — look out for the Singaporean group, as they envision the creation of other similarly convenient products.

Jeraldine says, “We see a potential of creating a range of beautiful and compact products, especially with endless possibilities that origami brings. We hope our products will then penetrate different markets all over the world.” But overall, Jeraldine wishes to “bring joy to people’s lives through every detail” and hopes “to make daily experiences more pleasurable through [their] thoughtful design.”

For more information on the Oriyami Kickstarter, click here.