Located on the eastern coast of Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is known as the onsen (hot-spring) paradise of Japan. Beppu, Oita’s most popular destination, is the onsen capital of Kyushu, boasting the highest number of hot spring sources and hundreds of baths across a dedicated spa town. In Oita Prefecture, you’ll find a relatively untouched part of Japan with deep forests, moss-covered temples and an ever-present steam that seems to rise from the fiery pits of hell.

Oita Prefecture’s Response to COVID-19

Oita Prefecture was the center of tourism for onsen lovers from both Japan and the world before the coronavirus outbreak. It boasts the highest yield of onsen water volume and onsen sources across Japan. However, with the decline of tourism following the pandemic outbreak, the prefecture hasn’t been able to welcome travelers nor provide them with the comfort of relaxation.

However, in a bid to deliver some of the prefecture’s best taste and products, Oita P`refecture’s Commerce & Service Industry Promotion Division has begun selling a unique support and care package “fukubukuro” (lucky bag) filled with a fine selection of Oita Prefecture local specialties. The bag is offered in two kinds, one for those with a sweet tooth (¥3,000), and another for the noodle lovers (¥5,000). By purchasing this lucky bag, you can have a taste of the prefecture while also supporting struggling local businesses.

Message from Oita Prefecture

“Loved, appreciated and succeeded from generation after generation, each local product listed on this website carries the stories and philosophy of the people who helped it come to life. Dear readers, please support us by eating and enjoying local products from the Onsen capital Oita, as you help pass on their stories to the next generations.” 

— Aki Watanabe, Oita Prefectural Government Commerce & Service Industry Promotion Division, Assistant Manager