Talks between North and South Korea on the fate of a shuttered industrial complex fell short of drawing out an agreement Wednesday, but both sides agreed to meet again next week.

The marathon talks concluded with the two sides asserting the importance of reviving the Kaesong industrial complex, a rare symbol of cooperation between the long-time adversaries, paving the way for fresh talks on July 15.

“We both agreed that the complex should be maintained and further developed,” South Korea’s chief delegate Suh Ho told reporters.

The reunion of families separated for decades by the Korean border will also be brought to negotiations in separate talks, reports The Associated Press.

Seoul, however, rejected proposed talks on the resumption of mountain tours.

Earlier this week, South Korean business owners were allowed to visit their facilities inside Kaesong following a deal with North Korea.

South Korean firms have voiced fears that the rainy season would damage equipment after being left for months without proper maintenance.

They will also be permitted to retrieve finished products and raw materials from their factories in Kaesong.